Where are the products made and who by?

We have a skilled team based in Bristol, UK that are individually trained by Katcha to certify quality and satisfaction with every product.

How clean are the materials you use?

All materials used are thoroughly and cleaned and restored to the highest standards. Katcha and her team ensure that all materials are in peak condition before creating your product(s).

Do any of the products smell like rubber?

Any rubber-made products will contain a mild scent of rubber. However, this does not affect your clothing or any item in your bag.

Are the products waterproof?

The products are rainproof and will withstand most weather conditions. The recycled innertubes used for our bags are waterproof, However, the seal, stitching and zips are not be 100% guaranteed, so extra caution should be taken when carrying electrical goods. As we live in the rainy UK, our bags have been tried and tested in the wet winters and have found them to be extremely reliable.

Will the rubber come off on my clothes?

The rubber may cause slight discolouration of clothes if wearing light fabrics. On the rare occasion of this happening, these marks can be removed during routine laundry.


How do I care for my product?

Your KB product will require the minimum care as each design is carefully crafted to the highest specifications. However, if you do require additional care then your product can be product can be polished with standard tyre-cleaner. This also applies to restoring faded rubber when exposed to direct sulight.

How long will my Katcha Bilek product last?

Your product should last a lifetime as long as it is well cared for. If the product should need repairs Katcha will assess the fault and restore the item to its original condition. This is covered under KB warranty and will only be effective if the product has NOT been mis-used, purposely damaged or previously fixed by someone other than Katcha or her team.


Can I choose the exact inner tube markings I'd like to have on my purchase?

The photographs in our galleries are to give you guidance on the style and shape of the bag. If you would like a particular feature or pattern on the rubber, please contact us at: kb@katchabilek.com.

We will try to accommodate any request although this cannot be guaranteed as we can only produce products from material that is currently stocked.

Can you make bespoke products, styles that I do not see on your website?

If you are looking for a particular feature on a design in our current range or would like to discuss a bespoke design then email Katcha at:kb@katchabilek.com.

We will see what is available and try our best to meet your requirements. With bespoke designs please include your requirements and budget, and Katcha will get back to you. Please be aware that at peak times, the lead time a custom-made style will be longer than usual.