Ethical Policy

KB's Four Commandments of Style and Substance

  1. We love re-use

    All our materials are reclaimed from industry- these are items that would otherwise be languishing in landfill. About 50% of our materials come from right here in Bristol, minimising the transport miles it takes to get them to us. The rest are from within the UK.

  2. We love sustainability

    Our products are made mostly by hand, using techniques like riveting. This eliminates the need for stitching with electric tools, or fastening with toxic glues.

  3. We don't sacrifice style

    Katcha's sense for practical design that also functions as an art form has created a visual language that can be heard over the noise of high-street fast fashion. What's more, the materials themselves, with their inherent variances, ensure that each KB product is different from the last.

  4. We LIVE our beliefs

    Otherwise known as "walking the talk". KB doesn't just have an ethical policy - sustainability is in our way of life. That's why our headquarters are based in the eco-conscious community that is Bristol's Hamilton House. That's why we all walk and cycle to work each day. That's why we prepare meals from scratch, campaign against food waste, and make sure lights are switched off at the end of the day!